Captain Venture Slot

Captain Venture Slot
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Captain Venture has been planned and developed by Novoline. The volatility of this casino game is high. Its cycle length is also quite long. The frequency of falling of the bonus is 0.36 per cent. On the other hand, the probability of a hit is 29.55 per cent. The average winning from the bonus of this slot is 197x while the highest payout is 8,086x.

You will surely get impressed by its RTP, which is 94.01 per cent. You will not get progressive jackpots but a fixed jackpot which is 80,000 Euros. There is five number of reels featured in it although the play lines are ten. You have to get a winning combination of five symbols to trigger a big win.

In the event that you are willing to play Captain Venture for real money, then do registration on any casinos online. It is necessary to set up an account on the betting website to play this slot for money. However, you can enjoy free mode devoid of setting up an account.

You can play Captain Venture casino slot online on your computer and mobile devices. The rules will remain the same on all gadgets. This casino game is based on luck, but you can use a specific strategy, cheats and tips to get closer to your win.

Enjoy Adventures with Captain Venture

To play Captain Venture slot machine online, you need to check out its pay table. After knowing the symbols, you need to pay attention to the gameplay. The steps to play this casino slot successfully are stated below:

  • Firstly, you have to place the betting in accordance with your preference.
  • Choose the coin value in a particular range. You can set 1 cent per payline.
  • When all things are set in a proper manner, then you should click on the SPIN button.

This casino game has different symbols that will multiply the round wagers from 2 identical symbols landing next to one another. In the event that player manages to target five similar icons next to one another, then you will get big wins.

The scatter symbol of this slot is the wheel of the ship. It will activate the free bonus games. These games can have between 10 to 20 rounds. They entirely depend on the number of scatters landed on the reels. All the wins along with the active winning play lines are repeatedly multiplied. When more scatter icons land on the reels in the free bonus games, then free spins will be rewarded at once.

Captain Venture RTP

Captain Venture game is fascinating, and you need to play it cautiously to get a win. There are a few tips that will be helpful to you. These tips are stated as follows:

  • You can maximize your wins in the double game. However, it is better not to risk big money as you can lose it rapidly.
  • You should choose your wager per payline wisely.
  • There are different options readily available in this game, like the maximum bet. You have to make use of these options to increase your wins.
  • Always pick denominations carefully before playing Captain Venture slot. The high denominations will give you huge prizes rather than the little ones. Thus, it is significant for you to make the right decision.
  • Play this slot machine for free as much as possible. In this way, you will become familiar with the guidelines and rules. Also, you will get to know the playing method. At the time when you will become expert in this slot machine then start playing it for money.
  • Surf the Internet to find cheats and tricks relevant to this casino slot. When you have enough cheats and tricks, then you have to use them in the free version. In case they are useful for you in the free mode, then you can use them in the money mode. It is important to use each cheat and trick at least 10 times in the free mode.
  • Captain Venture RTP is 94.01%

To Conclude

The Captain Venture free game is an exceptional betting title. It has great highlights and stunning images. Attempt to go for the free bonus games as they will increase your winnings. There are no jackpots provided, so you need to take benefit from the bonus round. Keep in mind that you need first to look at the paytable before beginning your game.

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