Butterfly Staxx Slot

Butterfly Staxx Slot
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Butterfly Staxx Slot by Netent is perfect for any player who likes a beautiful and neat time as they are chasing winning combinations. You will fall in love with the fascinating theme of this game from the first round.

And when you discover all the possibilities you have to win and make money with it, you will become addicted. But let’s see what Butterfly Staxx casino Slot online has in store for you!

A Theme to fall in Love With

To begin with, the theme of this slot machine can entertain you with every spin you make. These paylines are wrapped in attractive graphics and symbols to captivate you for hours at a time!

  • You will discover beautiful symbols such as flowers, colors, butterflies but also the generic cards that you might be used to. All of them bring you chances to make money, but obviously, the best icon you can come across is the butterfly.
  • The graphics of this machine are attractive and very cute especially for those gamblers who care to spend a pleasant time while they are trying their luck out. All the graphics show a professional design and a theme that is made to impress.
  • The sounds are just as cute as the rest of the symbols in the arcade machine. You will not be bothered by the soundtrack of this game as you spin away and get the reels moving in the right direction.
  • Thanks to the high quality of Butterfly Staxx game, you will find this one at most casinos online with a great RTP of over 96%.

Fascinating Features for All Players

The rules of this gambling machine are simple and very similar to what you might already expect here.

  • You will need to match icons from left to right to master these paylines, just like you would need to do at any other slot machine.
  • The wild symbols will be more than obvious as they have the word Wild written right on them so you will not have a hard time spotting them. These icons can replace other icons and give you winning matches.
  • Similar to the wild symbol, the scatter symbols have the word Scatter written on them in purple. These symbols are your key for the bonus round called Butterfly Spins. Scatters also bring certain numbers of free spins, usually around 5, 6 or 7.
  • You can place a maximum of 10 coins for each line, and there is a bet button to use for such settings.

A Wonderful Experience

If you like butterflies, you will simply be fascinated as you play Butterfly Staxx Slots for real money. All the expectations that you might have from such a theme are well met as well as the desire to make an income. Those butterflies can bring you the satisfaction that you were looking for.

If you don’t want to invest from the beginning, try Butterfly Staxx free and see how comfortable you get with it. After just a couple of rounds, you might feel that you are ready to win the world and your best move is just around the corner! You can try to play this machine on your mobile device as well since it does come with such a version.

Also, you can play offline or for a minimum bet so that you don’t invest a lot from the beginning. Over time, you will get the confidence you need to rule the world of these butterflies!

Get Those Prizes!

To land a winning at this machine, you will not have to learn special cheats or tips, and you don’t even need a strategy. It is all based on your luck and the opportunities that this machine brings to every player, regardless of their experience when it comes to gambling.

  • The bonus round brings you several prizes as the butterflies on the screen come out of their cocoons.
  • There are free spins to achieve as well, and those are increased chances to win even more.
  • There are no jackpots to chase, but considering how many combinations you can get, this is not a minus of the slot.
  • Also, don’t rely on the multipliers as they are not as present as you would expect them to be in such an arcade machine.

Butterfly Staxx RTP

As you play Butterfly Staxx casino slot online, you will fall in love with its beautiful graphics and exciting prizes. Also, you will find plenty of ways to learn new gambling strategies and even discover how to increase your income for more complex games. This is not a slot that requires any experience, even if certain knowledge in the world of gambling will work in your favour! The Butterlfy Staxx slot is 96.8%.

Summary: Butterfly Staxx Slot is the perfect gambling machine for those who love a cute theme with many opportunities to win! Spin those reels and enjoy the prizes!

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