Berry Berry Bonanza Slot

Berry Berry Bonanza Slot
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Playtech is no stranger to popularity lists with releases that manage to snub players’ attention in the thousands. This software provider takes a step back from the flashy action witnessed in most of its modern releases for the creation of the Berry Berry Bonanza Slot.

Berry Berry Bonanza casino slot online is built around the idea of traditional fruit machines that appeared in the 1900s, but with a lot of focus on berries. However, The slot does not go full-on classic with three reels and one playline. Instead, it carries a modern grid arrangement of five reels stretched out on three rows. Nine bet lines run across the reels in a variety of patterns. The slot is developed using both cartoon and 3D imaging for the icons, which give a pop of colour to the setting. The grid is made in a simple cream shade that contrasts beautifully with the waves of blue and purple that lie in the backdrop. Funky tunes play in the background, and they change tempo as the reels spin, or winning combinations are landed.

Berry Berry Bonanza Gameplay

Playtech is rigid with the gameplay procedure applied to its slot games, which is no different when playing Berry Berry Bonanza for real money or fun. Before spinning the reels, punters are afforded the luxury of adjusting their stakes. One can begin with the selection of lines from one to ten and then proceed to that of stakes between 0.01 and 1 credit per line. The highest possible stake is nine credits, which is achieved when the best values in both fields are used. The spin button sends the reels running, after which they come to a halt and payouts are granted if combos are hit. Autoplay can be used in the case of this function to spin the reels for up to 99 consecutive rounds. No strategy application is demanded during this process. 

When playing Berry Berry Bonanza slot machine online, punters are presented with an array of symbols that are used in the formation of payout combinations. These characters are mostly centred around berries, and they include:

  • Red raspberries
  • Black raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Purple grapes
  • Purple sevens
  • Cherries
  • Red grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries 
  • Acai berries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Red berries

The Berry Berry Bonanza game wild is played by the cherries, which can stand in the place of other icons if a combo needs to be completed or extended. A scatter is included as well, which is denoted by the purple seven. This symbol is the only one spared from wild substitution. 

Juicy Payouts

Berry Berry Bonanza free slot payouts are collected with the formation of character combinations that carry up to five similar icons. One of the key rules that apply for the triggering of wins is that these combos have to be aligned on a bet line and begin from the leftmost reel. Only the highest combination per line warrants payouts. The table below assesses the credit winnings of each combination, which are multiplied by the value of the payline wagers:

Symbol  Wins for one Wins for two Wind for three Wins for four Wins for five
Blackberries  N/A N/A Five  Fifteen  One hundred 
Red grapes N/A  N/A Five  Fifteen  One hundred 
Acai berries  N/A N/A Five  Twenty  Two hundred 
Red berries  N/A N/A Five  Twenty Two hundred 
Blueberries  N/A N/A Ten  Thirty  Five hundred
Cranberries  N/A N/A Ten  Thirty  Five hundred 
Purple seven  N/A  One  Five Ten  One hundred
Red raspberries  N/A Three  Twenty  One hundred  One thousand 
Black raspberries  N/A Three  Twenty  One hundred  One thousand 
Grapes  N/A Five  Fifty  Two hundred and fifty  Two thousand, five hundred 
Strawberries  Two  Ten  One hundred  Five hundred Five thousand 

Berry Berry Bonanza RTP

Gamblers can play the free version of the slot to collect tips on how the game pays before playing for cash. Berry Berry Bonanza RTP  is 95.98%, which places it on the upper scale of steady wins.


The slot does not table any bonuses, even the popular free spins found in most Playtech slots. Also, no progressive jackpot is in included. However, the winnings completed using wild cherries are multiplied by two. 

Players can log into Playtech real money casinos online to engage Berry Berry Bonanza and explore its winnings. Attempts to cheat in the game will most probably lead to one being kicked out of the establishment.

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