Bar-X Colossal Slot

Bar-X Colossal Slot
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The Bar-X Colossal is and will always be a classic having started from being a land-based kind of game. It is now one of the many inventions modified and manufactured by Slingo software developers for casinos online. They have devised ways of making the game look much better, catchy and entertaining to the player.

The online Bar-X Colossal game has been created in such a way that the second reel appears to be expanded. This creates room for 2 more reels totaling up to 5 reels but with a rare arrangement of 1-3-1. The centre reel accommodates 3 symbols which are locked and can also host one giant colossal symbol. After all the modifications, this slot settles with 3 rows and 5 ways to win. Characters used in Bar-X Colossal casino slot online video machine are Os, Bars and the ever red 7s.

The background of Bar-X Colossal game is pink in color, and the play screen has a hint of red and black. The control panel is well-displayed with a button for every option. There is a digital message display screen at the bottom centre. Top of the screen is small meters in gold, silver and bronze. They display the number of spins awarded per meter. The graphics are also top-notch, and the lighting is just perfect. It’s compatible with all devices starting from the laptop, tablet, mobile phone and desktop. It is also playable using the 3 operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows). Play Bar-X Colossal for real money or just for the fun of it absolutely free. Read on to get more information on tips and rules of this amazing online video slot machine.

Bar-X Colossal RTP

Bar-X Colossal slot has maintained the uniqueness of timeless basic symbols like Xs, bars, 7 and the wild symbol. The wild symbol pays well especially when it lands on all 5 reels. These symbols are not new in the gambling world for they have been used before in other video online games. They appear every now and then creating more chances of a win. Landing a combination of 3 of the same kind yields awards. Bar-X Colossal RTP is 95%. Some of these awards are progressive free spins, multiplier, bonus (Gold, Silver and Bronze), re-spins (bonus rounds) and more. Let’s have a closer look at how to grab all the goodies being offered by Bar-X Colossal;

Colossal reel – They award a re-spin when a colossal symbol lands and fills up the locked 3×3 reel. The re-spin takes place on reels 1 and 5. Re-spins – They are triggered when the player lands 5 of the same kind of icon.

Free spins

Bar-X Colossal with all its uniqueness has so much in store for the gamer. Free spins benefit the player when he/she lands the game’s title ‘Bar-X’ symbol but in layers. These are given as follows:

  • Gold – Awards the punter 4 free spins in layer 2 and 3 free spins in layer 1.
  • Silver – Awards the gamer 3 free spins in layer 3 and 2 spins in layer 1.
  • Bronze – Awards the gamer 2 spins in layer 2 and 1 spin in layer 1.

Wins from Symbols

In Bar-X Colossal, players can set their wager from a minimum of 20p to a maximum of £100 per spin. The highest payout offered in this online slot is a jackpot of 500 coins. To achieve this, the player must land a combination of 5 wild symbols on all 5 reels. The 7s symbol comes in second with a total of 300 coins followed by the Bars with 200 coins. Coming in last is the X symbol with a total of 100 coins. Payout in Bar-X Colossal is done from a left to right basis from any angle that the symbols land. The surprises do not end there as the Bar-X symbol awards the punter even when it appears to be incomplete. It may appear in full on the center of the locked reel awarding the punter free re-spins.

Play Bar-X Colossal slot machine online and be treated to a rare feature never before seen in the casino world. This unique video game is full of freebies and surprises to suit both non-gamblers and gambler alike. The slot can be played with no download and registration. Best feature in Bar-X Colossal is the merged reels which spin as one. The 3×3 reel can payout with 1 huge symbol matching reels 1 and 5 or 3 small symbols.

Bar-X Colossal is free and compatible with most of the devices. It’s also easily accessible across the UK. The strategy of playing this game is simple and very easy to understand just get spinning your way to wins. Pitch your tents here and get to spin Bar-X Colossal with a huge smile and a relaxed mind.

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