Austin Powers Slot

Austin Powers Slot
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The formidable game for casinos online named Austin Powers is made by one of the leading software providers in the online gambling industry, Blueprint Gaming. The gameplay features five reels and thirty play lines. This format is an impressive feat for any online game.

The online slot has a five-reel combination with many features to explore. It offers numerous bonus options that get activated by time portals. A player can also enjoy free spins using an assortment of methods.

This online game is based on a time portal concept. This concept means that during your play, you have to go back decades behind to rescue a hero in distress and get some enticing prepositions to win prizes.

Its being a classic game is, you are instantly thrilled by the level of graphics and sounds when you play Austin Powers slot machine online. Not only is the theme awe-inspiring, but the features and design are mind-blowing  Hence, you will be absolutely mesmerising.

Austin Powers RTP

The main characters in the Austin Powers game include:

  • Austin Powers
  • Felicity Shagwell
  • Number 2
  • Dr Evil.

These characters were taken from the late 1990s TV sequels of Austin Power detective series. Further, they are the symbols of this classic TV-themed online casino game. The game offers you many combinations to win more.

Starting with a stake of as little as 0.25 coins, you can grow your rewards to 500 coins. But the real jackpots of 10,000 coins are only revealed after you find Austin Powers’ wild necklace. Austin Powers slot RTP  is 95.53% what offers exciting payouts.

The main characters in Austin Powers casino slot online are as follows:

  • Wild. Austin’s lost mojo vial turns into a random wild. Besides, Dr Evil’s plunge also becomes wild, just like the Sharks with flicking lasers. Another wild is the Beams wild.
  • Scatter. Scatter symbols are revealed when you hit 4x bonuses on the payline, and that in turn offers you four times the value of your prize multipliers.

See the rules indicated in the paytable concerning how you can use wilds and scatter.

How to Win: Tips and Cheats

The bonus and other features provide a favourable opportunity to win fabulous prizes while playing Austin Powers for real money. You will reveal bonus symbols on the reels in the Mini-Me Wheel and the Gear Packing Rounds.

Play with a strategy to win more prizes. Use the scatter to trigger bonuses. Two cf scatter symbols allow you to win 2,000 times your bet if you find flowers for Key. But you can also increase this potential to 3,000 times when you discover either Felicity Shagwell or Dr Evil on the reels. And not only these. You still have an opportunity to get whopping 6,000 times your bet value for l rescuing Austin Powers.

In the Austin Powers free spin bonus, you get the honour to spin six times with your Fat Bastard symbol freely. During the free spins, you get to enjoy the Gear Packing Round. Here, you spin a mini wheel to expose gadgets needed to attack Dr Evil’s lair. The Mini-Me Spins bonus gives you extra 10 free spins, and it also enables you to win many coins.

Another enticing round of the bonus is to resist Felicity’s pink negligee wearing sexy farm boots. If you succeed in starving off this temptation, you will get five more free spins.

Austin Powers game is refreshing and entertaining. No cheats happen here, so you can be as cool as a cucumber in terms of your winnings security.

It is a wise step to start playing the Austin Powers free version. This approach provides you with the in-depth appreciation of the traps hidden within the game. It further offers valuable tips on how to use your free spins around the adventurous circuits. By practising, you become an expert, and you can develop your gambling strategy.


The design of Austin Powers slot is artful. The buttons are easy to operate. The game’s layout provides an online casino adventure to the good old 1990s known for the real hunt for money. Thus, the game is thrilling and offers you numerous winning options.

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