American Dad Slot

American Dad Slot
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Since the onset of video slot machine games, online gaming software developers have used good television as inspiration for themes. Playtech lines up as one of the software companies that have done so well, and American Dad casino slot online stands as among their best productions.

American Dad slot is based on a cartoon show built for adults. With the large following that this show boasts online, Playtech saw it fit to translate it into a slot machine game, which has so far collected numerous positive reviews from gamblers. The development of the game borrows heavily from American Dad, which is an indication that it was specially developed for fans of the show rather than any gambler. Even so, bonuses and gameplay remain simple and easy to acquire, making it open for any interested party.

Upon launching the American Dad game, players are met with a cartoon theme similar to the one in the show. Five reels and three rows are placed on a red and white striped backdrop, which draws its inspiration from the US flag. The playing grid is made entirely blue to complete the flag look, while the control panel is placed at the bottom. The soundtrack playing in the backdrop is also borrowed from the American Dad show, along with the font style for the slot title.

Playing American Dad Slot

Slots have managed to remain so popular over the years thanks to their simple gameplay. The same rules of play are used to play American Dad slot machine online and go as follows:

  • Adjust the number of play lines from as little as one to as many as all forty
  • Choose the coin value to use between 01 and 5 credits. Each win line can hold only one coin
  • Set the game in motion using the red Spin button placed at the bottom left corner
  • Auto spins and Turbo mode can substitute the spin option and come with faster rounds.

When it comes to the icons, Playtech stuck to the characters found in American Dad free slot including:

  • Stan
  • Roger
  • Hayley
  • Klaus
  • Steve

Poker card symbols are also included from A to J. The wild in the game is denoted by the Roger, who happens to be an alien. This icon can be used to compete winning combinations in the place of other characters. However, the same cannot happen with the scatter icon.

Slot Payouts

All winnings that are triggered when playing American Dad for real money are provided as multipliers which is a not a common occurrence in online slots. Playing card symbols give the lowest winnings, and the characters pick up from there. The highest win that can be landed during regular gameplay is a two hundred- and fifty-times multiplier, which makes the jackpot win fifty thousand credits. Aside from replacing other characters, the wild can also form combinations of its own. With five of these symbols on an active payline, gamblers trigger a seven hundred- and fifty-times multiplier.

The most impressive aspect of the slot is the inclusion of a bonus wheel. This wheel can be spotted on the first, third, and fifth reel. The wheels are used to activate different bonuses that are triggered by the various characters. Each character carries a unique bonus such as free spins, random wilds, and stacked icons. No strategy can be applied to determine the character that is picked by the wheel. The wheel in the fifth reel does not choose an icon. Instead, it provides players up to twenty-five free spins as a tip for landing a previous bonus.

Free and Real Money Versions and slot RTP

Playtech provides American Dad in both free and real money versions. The latter is the most popular of the two and can be found in many casinos online. Players should opt for a reputable gaming site to avoid running into cheats.

American Dad RTP

American Dad is a beautiful slot that has managed to depict a popular TV production in slot machines. American Dad slot  RTP ia 96.1% as audited by various bodies. Such a high RTP means that gamblers can expect to trigger steady wins. Even so, the percentage cannot be used to determine the final win.

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